18 August

21 August
Ball «Russian Fairy Tale»
The organizing committee of the Festival of Historical Dance and the studio «Trianon»
invite you to the Ball «Russian Fairy Tale»

The ball will take place on 21 August at 19:00 at the Izmaylovo Kremlin!

You will have the opportunity to enjoy the dances of the middle as well as late XIX century and other popular choreographies made in the same way, ball games, surprises and much more!!!

Great if you have Russian style costumes in the fashion of the XIX century.
The people who lived in the XIX century had their own ideas about the fairy tales. If you want to wear a folk costume imagine yourself in the place of the nobility of the XIX century and guess what to put on for not to embarrass youself in front of other counts and princes!

If you don't have a costume in Russian style and you can't (or don't want) to do it, it’s just ok to have the costume of the mid or late XIX century (the crinoline or the Belle Epoque).
The dresscode is NOT super strict!!!
If you have any doubts you can always write your questions to the organizers.

However you must have gloves, for ladies proper hairstyles are mandatory.
There is a certain number of things at our ball which are PROHIBITED. These are: costumes which are too bright and colourful, open shoulders for the ladies and HEELS!!!

The organizers have the right not to let in the people violating these rules.

23 August

25 August