Arnaud Degioanni (France)
As vice president of the French Federation of Dance, the historical dance coordinator in France and president of the Parisian Historical Dance Association "Carnet de Bals", Arnaud Degioanni is an expert of historical dance in France.
He is an avid researcher and reconstructor of 19th century dances, his work having led him to study the typical parisian dance repertory from the past centuries.
Arnaud is the creator of the French Historical Dance Championship and of the International Open of Historical Dance in Paris. He is also an organizer and a dance master of renowned Balls, reconstructed according to the great tradition of Imperial balls in France

He was one of the teachers at our Festival in 2016 and the main teacher in 2017.
 (Arnaud Degioanni et Olivia Wely) Carnet de Bals: Czech Republic 2015 - Mazurka


Zsuzsi Dingsdale (Hungary-UK)

Zsuzsi was born in Hungary and has lived in the UK for 36 years.

Originally a teacher of Modern Languages and Literature and throughout life a keen ballroom dancer, she took to historical dancing as a result of her love for Jane Austen.

She rapidly developed her dancing and calling skills in the field of historical dancing, initially focusing on the Regency period and then adding a repertoire from the Georgian and Victorian eras.

She is member of the Nottingham Folk Dance group where she is a regular caller. She is also member of the EFDSS (English Folk Dance & Song Society), the headquarters of which is found in the Cecil Sharp House in London.

Zsuzsi has been conducting workshops and has been Dance Mistress at balls in the UK, Malta, Croatia, Spain, Italy and Switzerland and also on board of cruise ships.

She regularly organises historical balls in her home country, Hungary of the Georgian/Regency and Victorian periods, attracting an international clientele from all over the world.

She speaks four languages which helps in bringing international dance communities together in the joy of dancing.

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Master classes for the balls will be conducted by:

Elana Anosova and Egor Anosov
Elana and Egor dance and teach together since 2015. They have organized and conducted over 10 balls and 3 Festivals of Historical Dance. They are also organizers of mass dance events, often give workshops and conduct balls actively promoting ballroom culture in various regions of Russia.